Membership Fees

We welcome new members in all categories and are proud to have not only a great golf course but a great golf club.
Come and join us to benefit from the friendly welcome, the great course with fantastic views and the warm welcome.


Applications are currently being accepted for a 30 day trial membership at the golf club.

This is a great opportunity to experience everything we have to offer from our great golf course to our fantastic hospitality.

For just £60.00 you get seven day access to the course sunday to Friday and Saturday PM.
The payment will be redeemed from your membership fee when you join.

To take advantage of this great offer call the golf club on 01625 423227 (option 2).

Apply for membership by visiting the contact page, phone us or submit your details and our Secretary/Manager will be in touch.

There is no joining fee for Macclesfield golf club. Please find below a list of our various membership options.

Fees can be paid upfront, in two parts or on a monthly direct debit basis.

All prices include affiliation fees (where applicable).

Macclesfield Golf Club has some great offers on golf membership for 2018.

Mens, Ladies and Junior memberships available with no joining fee.

Please contact our Secretary/Manager for further details:, 01625 423227 (option 2).

Or visit the Apply page of the website to download an application form.

Ladies & Gentlemen Full Membership

  Platinum – Full 7 day Membership £795

7 Day full access to the course

  Gold – Restricted 7 day membership £695

7 Day access to the course except Saturday Competitions

Intermediate Membership

Full access to the course

   7 days - Platinum Intermediate Membership 18 to 24 years - £200

   7 days - Platinum Intermediate Membership 25 to 29 years - £400

   7 days - Platinum Intermediate Membership 30 to 34 years - £600

Annual Green Fee

6 Day access to the course - Sunday to Friday

   6 days - Annual Green Fee - £395

Low Income Membership

Membership for those on a low or modest income (terms and conditions apply)

6 Day access to the course - Sunday to Friday

  7 days - Low Income Membership - £490


We have three options for junior membership - Academy, Golf Only & Coaching Only
(Juniors are aged up to 18 years on 1st January).

   7 days - Junior Academy Membership - £150

The Junior Academy Membership consists of a comprehensive package of coaching throughout the year with PGA Professional David Myers, full access to the course and competition entry.

   7 days - Junior Golf Only - £75

The Junior Golf Only package is for junior golfers who want full access to the course but don't require coaching.

   Junior Coaching Only - £75

The Junior Coaching Only package is for junior golfers who would like the support of structured coaching and some supervised course time but are not yet ready to play 18 holes or do not require full access to the course - ideal for beginners.

Country Membership

If you live more than 30 miles from the golf club

  Country Membership playing (T&Cs Apply) - £225

  Country Membership non-playing - £125