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This page is dedicated to our ladies recent club results.
With regular updates be sure to visit this page often.

All of our summer competition results will also be available on HowDidiDo


36 Hole Competition

An excellent performance from Judy who played very steadily over the
2 days to win the 36 hole competition. Highlight of her round on the second
day was a dramatic fall on the 16th, Judy was putting everything into her
second shot when her legs went from under her, the shot went a long way
but nil points for technical merit and artistic impression!

1st Judy Mutter (18) 77 + 74 = 151
2nd Kay Atkin (18) 76 + 82 = 158
Sue Orwin won Best Gross.

Georgina Whalley won Day 1 with a score of 95-21 = 74

Well done to Daisy Ward who had the best score on Day 2 – just pipping Kay Atkin on a cpo.

NTP was Myra Clark with 9ft 3 inches (she was also nearest on Day 1 when there wasn’t a prize, so it was a good job that she had an even better shot on Day 2!)

Day 1 Kay Atkin on the 5th and 14th and she nearly chipped in for another 2 on the 18th – only inches away!
Day 2 Judy Mutter on the 5th, Myra Clark on the 18th


The subsidiary Stableford competition on Thursday was won by Chris Gleaves with 36 points off a handicap of 31.
Second was Wendy Higgins (15) with 33 points, whilst Chris Hickmott was in third place with 30 points.


Mr President’s Prize

Well done to the winner of today’s competition Nancy Barkworth with
35 points.

In second place was Judy Mutter with 34 points and in third place was
Jill Hunter-Blench with 33 points.

Nearest the pin on the 18th was Pat Burrows at 2feet 11inches where
she also got the 2.

Maureen Routley also had a fantastic eagle 2 on the 6th hole.


Last week’s Stableford (9th August) was won by Maureen Routley with 44 points from Chris Hickmott with 41 points. In third place was Kath Brocklehurst with 40 points.
Nearest the pin on the 18th was Kay Atkin at 7 feet 8 inches while the only 2 came from Anita Hall on the 5th.


Well done to everyone who battled through today’s heat especially to the
winner Marlene Connor with 38 points.

In second place was Maureen Routley with 37 points

In third place was Marjorie Mottershead  with 34 points.

Nearest the pin on the 18th was Anita Hall at 23feet 3inches.

There were no 2’s.

B Team Match

Unfortunately the team reversed the score and on Monday lost 2 to 5 Away to Stockport.


Mary Williams Stableford

Today’s Competition sponsored by Judy Mutter was won by Maureen Routley
with a fantastic 42 points.

In second place with 39 points was Sue Lawton with 39 points.

June Sumner came third on a card play-off from Nancy Barkworth and
Judy Mutter with 36 points.

Nearest the pin was Lindsey Monk at 11 feet 5inches while the only two
came from Myra Clark on the fifth.


Mr. Captain’s Prize and EWGA Medal

The winner of yesterday’s competition was  Kay Atkin with a 75.
Maureen Routley came second with a 76 and Judy Mutter was third with a 78.
Myra Clark won lowest gross with 95.
Myra and Joyce Riley both had 2’s on the 18th.
The winner of the Captain’s Putting Prize was Wendy Higgins with 29 putts.

Thank You

Many thanks to the ladies who have kindly volunteered to ball spot on
Saturday for Mr. Captain’s Day. We wish him an enjoyable day.

B Team Matches

Our ladies B Team have now completed 5 of their 6 matches. The remaining one is against Stockport away on 23rd July. We wish them well.

Results so far :-
16th April v Crewe away lost 2-5
30th April v Mere away lost 1-6
11th June  v Crewe home won 5-2
25th June v Mere home won 4.5- 2.5
9th July v Stockport home won 4.5 -2.5


Macmillan Spoons

Thursday’s competition kindly sponsored by Irene Newton, in very trying
conditions, was won by our Lady Captain, Margaret Milligan with a fantastic
score of 40 points.

In second place was Maureen Routley with 37 points on a card play-off from
Gill Evans, who came third.

Nearest the pin was Chris Hickmott.

Happy birthday

Thanks and very best wishes must go to Jenny Moore for tea and cake.
We hope you had a very memorable birthday.

Mr. Captain’s Prize

Mr. Captain has now requested that his competition next week is now played as a medal. There will be a putting competition running alongside so please record the scores at the side of your card. To compensate for this, the EWGA medal to be played on 9th August will now become a Stableford.


Daisy Ward has been selected to represent Cheshire Girls at a Jamboree in Northumberland. We wish her good golfing!


Invitation Day

Today’s competition in blistering heat was won by Gill Evans and her
partner from Knutsford, Kim Blake, with 48 points.

The runners-up, with 44 points, were Judy Mutter and Sarah Gilmore
from Tytherington.

The only two came from Gill Evans who chipped in from the fringe on the

Nearest the pin on the 18th was Carol Ryder from Tytherington.

Thanks must go to Anita Hall, Val Fox, Pat Burrows, Gill Snelson,
Nancy Barkworth and Carol Hyde for sponsoring today.

Many thanks go to Joy Clements for stepping in for Lady Captain and to Sheila Greenwood, Marlene Connor and Maureen Fleming for making up the numbers.

Thanks also to Veronica Gough for looking after everyone on the 10th and her general invaluable help!

Jenny Moore’s unmentionable birthday!

Jenny Moore has kindly asked everyone to join her for tea/coffee and cake/scone next week after the Macmillan Spoon’s Competition.


Mid-Summer Scramble and Presentation

Today’s Scramble on yet another sunny but windy day was won by
Myra Clark, Chris Hickmott and Joy Clements with a score of 72.8.

In second place the team was Kay Atkin, June Sumner and Val Fox with 73.8.

Two’s came from Chris Hickmott on the 18th, Val Fox and Jill- Hunter Blench
both on the 5th.

Afternoon tea followed with the presentation of prizes for the season so far.


Doris Neale Quaich Bowl

Well done to everyone who battled through the winds of Storm Hector
especially to the winner (who is certainly on form!).

The competition kindly sponsored by Jill Hunter- Blench was won by
Chris Hickmott with 39 points.

In second place was one of our newest members Fran Wilbraham
with 35 points and in third place was Sue Lawton with 33 points.

Nearest the pin on the 18th was Marlene Connor who also was the only
one with a 2 on the 5th.


Diamond Jubilee Cup

Today’s competition kindly sponsored by Kay Atkin was won by
Chris Hickmott with a score of 70.

In second place with 74 was Judy Mutter who also came nearest the pin.

In third place was Gill Evans with 75.

Best gross was won by Wendy Higgins with 75.

Two’s were Nancy Barkworth on the 5th and Marjorie Mottershead
on the 18th.

Scramble and Mid- Season Presentation

Please ensure that you have entered before 3pm next Thursday. A balanced draw will take place and the start sheet will be available in next Thursday’s newsletter and on the club notice board.


Ladies Open

Our Open was held yesterday and the winners with 82 points were
Judy Mutter from Macclesfield with Eileen Jones and Sarah Gilmore from

In second place from Davenport with 71 points were Gill Garbett,
Adriene Woods and Tracy Royle.

In third place with 69 points were Jill Hunter- Blench from Macclesfield
with Louisa Holt and Sue Elliot from Astbury.

Nearest the pin on the 18th at 4 feet 3 inches was Judy Mutter.
There were two two’s both from Davenport one on the 5th Hole and an
eagle 2 on the second hole from Elaine Stone and Jenny Burnham.

Thanks must go to Myra Clark for organising the event and to her helpers on the day.

Scramble followed by Mid Season Presentation with afternoon tea

This will be held on 21st June with a 2 tee start between 10 and 11 am.
The signing up sheet will be on the board next week and the draw will take place on 14th June and will be circulated in the newsletter.


Manchester & District LGA – Bunty Booth

Today’s competition sponsored by Anne Barton was won by Judy Mutter
with a score of 74.

In second place with a 77 was Kay Atkin and in third place was Maureen
Routley with 78 on a card play off from Sue Orwin.

Wendy Higgins won Lowest Gross with a 76.

Sue Orwin was nearest the pin.

Ping Four Ball Better Ball

A reminder from Sue that this competition is on Tuesday 12th June starting at 12o’clock. On-line booking is now available.

Summer Buffet

Unfortunately this date has had to be changed once again as our club will be hosting Cheshire Juniors.
It will now be a Late Summer Buffet on Friday 14th September.


Life Member

The Lady Captain is pleased to announce that Maureen Routley
has accepted to become our new Lady Life Member.

Hollins Rose Bowl

Yesterday’s competition for the Hollins Rose Bowl kindly sponsored by
Carol Smart was won by Wendy Higgins with 40 points. Well done Wendy
with 10 pars and 1 birdie.

In second place with 35 points was Sue Lawton and with 34 points
Judy Mutter came third.

Nearest the pin was Maureen Routley.


A message from Sue Orwin:-

When you are booking on-line please leave the first 2 time slots in both the morning and the afternoon as 2 balls.
Unfortunately she is unable to block them on the system.


Ann Brammer Cup & EWGA Medal

Congratulations to Chris Hickmott who was the winner of today’s
competition kindly sponsored by Maureen Routley.

In second place was Chris Gleaves with Judy Mutter in third place.
The Lowest Gross was taken by Wendy Higgins.
Nearest the pin was Sue Orwin.

Over 70’s Competition

On Wednesday 17 ladies played this 10 hole competition and the winner
was Sue Lawton closely followed by Margaret Williams, Maureen Fleming,
Carol Hyde and Gill Snelson sharing the prizes. An enjoyable afternoon
brunch followed the event. Thanks must go to Margaret Williams who
instigated this competition and who has so ably organised it for the past
10 years.

Thanks to Val Fox for supplying the attached photo.


Exchange Day

An enjoyable day was spent by 15 of our ladies at Mellor and Townscliffe
Golf Club. The winning team with 69 points was Jill Hunter-Blench, Gill Evans
and Gill Snelson. The team in second place with 65 points was Judy Mutter,
Chris Hickmott and Chris Gleaves. Thanks to Sue Lawton, Joyce Riley and
Marjorie Mottershead for providing the prizes.


Today’s competition was won by Wendy Higgins with 31 points.
In second place was Gill Evans with 30 points followed by Alycia Sutton
with 29 points on a card play-off from June Sumner.
Nearest the pin was Sue Gibson.

Team Match

Commiserations to our Ladies Team who lost their match against Mere on Monday at Mere Golf Club.

Congratulations and Thanks

Happy Birthday to Sheila Greenwood and many thanks for the tea and cake which she kindly provided this afternoon.


Umbro Cup and EG Medal

This week’s competition sponsored by Georgina Whalley was the
Umbro Cup played alongside an England Golf Medal.

The winner was Wendy Higgins and on the same score winning best gross
was Sue Orwin.

With a score of one more for a card play-off were Joy Clements,
Jill Hunter-Blench, Judy Mutter and Georgina Whalley.
Joy took the second place and Jill came third.

Nearest the pin was Alycia Sutton.


In a medal round please will you kindly enter your scores if you have N/R as this affects the Standard Scratch.

Millenium Cup

The entry sheet is in the foyer for this mixed event which will take place on the second Bank Holiday of May – Monday 28th May – please sign up for this event which is sponsored by the Hollingworth family.

Exchange Day – Mellor and Townscliffe

It is not too late to put names down for this day. The draw will take place next Thursday and all monies should be paid by then.


Australian Spoons / Coronation Foursomes

The winners were Joyce Riley and Wendy Higgins with 28 points.
In second place on a card play-off were Georgina Whalley and Chris Hickmott
with 25 points.

Joyce and Wendy have elected to go forward to the Coronation Foursomes.
Thanks to the sponsors Lindsey and June who were the only ones to get a
2 on the 5th hole.


The first half of the season’s competition winners will be presented with
their prizes after the Scramble and Afternoon Tea on 21st June.

Exchange Day

The draw will take place on Thursday 26th April and will be posted on the board and in the newsletter.
All monies ( £12.50 cash only) to be paid and menu chosen by that date. Wendy will be collecting the money and issuing receipts.We have to inform Mellor and Townscliffe of numbers and food on the Friday.

Rhodes Cup and Foursomes Knockouts

The closing date for all entries is this Thursday 19th April. Handicap limit is 36 for both. Please put your names down this week. Again all monies and annual subscriptions are to be paid before the draw takes place  this coming Thursday (19th April).

On-line booking

We would like to congratulate all who have manged to book on-line for this coming Thursday.
Every competition will be put on-line each Thursday morning so you will have the opportunity to book in at the club if you wish.

New members

Congratulations to our new members Jennie Glover and Fran Wilbraham on gaining their handicaps. We look forward to seeing them playing in our competitions in the near future


When marking cards please remember to sign and check the gross score.


Forty ladies attended a most enjoyable 57th Annual Dinner on Wednesday

Today at last we had some fine weather for the official start of our season
playing our Spring Meeting which was a Stableford over 11 holes.

Well done to today’s winner, Maureen Routley with 23 points playing off a
handicap of 28. In second place with a handicap of 16 was Sue Orwin with
21 points and in third place on a card play-off from Nancy Barkworth
and Jill Hunter-Blench was Chris Hickmott with 20 points playing off a
handicap of 31.


Well done to the ladies who played in Thursday’s Roll -Up

The winner playing off 18 was our Lady Captain Elect Myra Clark
with 24 points

Second was Joyce Riley
with 17 points

Their winter handicaps will now be 16 and 24 respectively.


Well done to the 8 ladies who braved the fog to play in today’s Winter League.

The winner playing off 15 was Wendy Higgins with 17 points
Second on a CPO from Judy Mutter was Sue Orwin with 14 points
Their winter handicaps will now be 13 and 15 respectively.

We have had to make an alteration to this year’s programme on the advice
of our Head Greenkeeper.

The 36 hole competition will now take place on 29th and 30th August and
the EWGA medal will move to 9th August following Greens’ Week.

The next walk will take place on this coming Tuesday – meet at the Club
at 9.45am.

Many thanks to those of you who have already generously agreed to donate prizes for our competitions.
If there is anyone who has not already done so and would be willing to donate please contact Greeba as there are a few competitions which still require donors.
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